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Seam circles


Seam circles packaging / display set

Circles WS-1.jpg
Circles WS-2.jpg

Sewing ruler 

Rulers WS-5.jpg
Rulers WS-7.jpg
Rulers WS-6.jpg
Rulers WS-4.jpg

Knitting ruler

Rulers WS-2.jpg
Rulers WS-3.jpg
Rulers WS-1.jpg

Ruler packaging in poly pocket packaging, with or without hanging tab

Scissor Tabs - colours available for wholesale orders

Tabs WS colours-5.jpg

Navy blue


Dark brown



Bright blue

Dark grey

Tabs WS colours-2.jpg
Tabs WS colours-7.jpg
Tabs WS colours-6.jpg
Tabs WS colours-4.jpg
Tabs WS colours-3.jpg
Tabs WS colours-1.jpg
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