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Gift sets

About Jenerates by Jen Hogg

Jenerates by Jen Hogg


Jen has been sewing and knitting for longer than she can remember.  In 2019 she appeared on The Great British Sewing Bee, reaching the semi-final. 


After filming, Jen decided to make herself a sewing ruler which had been an idea for many years.  She found it as useful as she had hoped, made a batch of 100, and posted about them on Instagram.  They sold out in 30 minutes, and Jenerates by Jen Hogg came into being!

A year later, Jen launched another unique design, the Jenerates Seam Circles.  This time the design came about because Jen was using patterns which didn’t have any seam allowance, including Burda Magazine, Fibre Mood and Japanese sewing books. The Seam Circles are designed to be a quick and easy way to add a seam allowance to any pattern shape.  The sizes can be built up to add any depth of seam or hem, or to draft a facing.  They’re also great for taking seam allowances off, drawing pad stitching lines and echo quilting lines and so on.  These were an instant hit and are now Jen’s best seller, with sets being used by sewists all over the world.

More recently Jen added to her portfolio with another unique idea – a silicone hemmer.  Heat resistant to 230°C, flexible enough to use with a sleeve ham, but firm enough to use with even a bouncy wool coating, these sold out on the day they were launched.

All of Jen’s products are her own unique designs, and everything is made locally in small batches, supporting other small businesses. 

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