• Jen Hogg

Free patterns for mini-stitchers: mini tote bag (with a bunny sized pocket)

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Simple patterns to teach children how to sew.

Here's the mini tote bag with bunny-sized pocket. The instructions are aimed at being child-friendly.

The bunny in my previous blog is hand-stitched, but this bag uses the sewing machine. The pattern starts to get more complicated so the mini stitcher has to cut two of some parts and one of others, and there are guide lines marked on the pattern pieces. There are also options to embellish the bag, because part of the joy of sewing is making something utterly unique.

If you're after more of a maths challenge, there's also a pdf with the drafting instructions written out. Lots of rectangles to draw.

If embellishing with buttons, an adult should check they are securely attached to avoid any choking hazard.

Pattern to be printed at 100% (no scaling)

Mini tote bag

Click here for pdf pattern and instructions

What you will need

· Felt for the main bag, 20cm x 40cm, and matching thread

· Felt for the bag cuffs, 20cm x 6cm

· Felt for the pocket, 12cm x 8cm

· Ribbon for the handles, 50cm

And of course the pattern!

Cutting out the pattern

Print the pattern and cut round the outside of all three pattern pieces.

There are some guidelines drawn onto the pattern. These are to help you w