Posting your rulers

Orders are sent first class in the UK. 

Elsewhere it's by International Standard post, which takes 9-10 working days.

Please allow a lead time for bespoke items of 2 weeks (though it's usually less than that).

Regular orders are currently being processed within 2 working days

This varies because I'm keen to produce stock responsibly.  This page will be updated regularly as lead times vary.

Also, a word about how I post items in the UK.  I'm choosing to use first class stamps rather than the automated royal mail system.  This means my small local post office gets credit both for selling the stamps and for processing the items.  It's a vital part of our community and this way I'm helping to keep it open.  I still get proof of postage though, in case anything goes missing in transit.  

Also, a stamp is so much more handsome than the printed postage, don't you think?!