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I'm really delighted to be a brand ambassador for Jukisewing machines, and to write regular blogs for Juki Club. 


By late 2019 I was in dire need of a new machine, and as always turned to Pembertons in Stirling for advice.  I'd done my homework, and went along to try out another machine.  It was great, I thought I'd nailed it and then Andrew Pemberton sat me down in front of the Juki NX7.  I have to say it was love at first sight, it has so many fantastic features and you can feel JUKI's indistrial machine heritage in the build quality as well as the functionality.

On the back of choosing this machine, I became a brand ambassador - this feels like the right way round to me - my recommendation is genuine and rooted in my direct experience.

I'm delighted that two of my Bee pals have joined me as ambassadors - Mercedes and Janet.  And now also Mark from series 6.

You can read more about all of this at the Juki Club website