Fabricate your own sustainable cashmere scarf

Weave and sew cashmere scarves with sustainable fabric


This has to be the ultimate in sustainable sewing!  Jen will bring cashmere and show you how to design, weave and sew your own scarves.  The cashmere comes a Scottish mill producing luxury items.  The production process leaves a surplus of “slitter tape”, fine strips of beautiful fabric in a wide range of colours and patterns.  This can be used to make fabric in a number of different ways, using knitting, weaving, stitching and so on.  We’ll focus on weaving and stitching at this class, and everything you need will be provided (but bring your own pins in case you want to take away an item to finish at home).  You can decide what to make, whether scarves, cushion cover panels, a table runner and so on, but whatever it is, it’s going to feel amazing!  You could choose to focus on texture and only use one colour of cashmere, or you could try different colour combinations, it’s entirely up to you.  You can also weave in any ribbons or trimming you want, add additional pops of colour along the warp or weft threads – anything goes.  You could even do some free-form weaving.  You should have time to fully complete one scarf and possibly to weave another to stitch at home.

On the day we’ll cover:

  • setting up temporary looms to the size and shape you need

  • choosing colours and design

  • weaving techniques

  • other fabrication techniques

  • stitching techniques



This class is suitable for sewers who are familiar with a sewing machine and have some basic experience. 

Minimum age 16+

Our aim will be to finish all items in the class but if time runs out, you may need to finish the sewing at home.



  • cashmere

  • thread

  • weaving equipment

  • sewing machine

  • ideas and inspiration

  • tea and coffee!



  • Please bring your own pins along.
    It can take 200 pins to construct one scarf

  • Bring an awl if you have one,
    it’s really useful when you sew this fabric. 
    They’ll be available to buy on the day as well.

Cartoon strip.jpg

Sunday 1st December


The Sewing Shop, Fochabers

scarf 001.jpg
woven scarf 002.jpg
scarf 004-2.jpg