Leather tabs to keep your fabric scissors safe!   Packaged in sets of 3, two large and one small, and made from Scottish leather surplus.  Using surplus means working with whatever colours happen to be available.  This week I managed to get a colour which is one of my favourites, a dark blue / teal.  I have 20 sets which include it so as a limited edition you can pick your card.  This listing is for the legends "Hands off / Shoo / Sashay Away".  You can see the colours on each card in the photos.  


Please see the shop for same tabs with "Fabric" on them.


The tabs are really simple to use - fold in half lengthways and pull the end through the slot.  They don't get in the way of using the scissors.  I've been testing them for months!


If you're buying from outside the UK I normally suggest you to buy from Etsy to have tax applied at source.  You can buy these here and I'll contact you to put the sale through Etsy to work out the tax.

Limited Edition scissor tabs - Legends

  • Each packet contains 3 leather scissor tabs, 2 large and 1 small.

    Working with surplus means using what's available, so the range of colours varies.  For that reason the tabs are sorted loosely into colour themes but each packet is unique.

    The leather has been washed and pressed after engraving.  It will soften further with use.