Chistmas stockings in wool and cashmere surplus, with 100% of the profit going to charity.  


Please click on the product listing for a photo of each stocking.  If there's more than one photo attached to the listing, it's becasue the front and back of the stocking are different.


These stockings are made by me from surplus from a Scottish wool and cashmere mill.  They're fully lined in cotton, and each one is unique.  The profit will be donated to charity.  A friend's son who passed away last month, at the age of just 21.  He had raised money last year for Movember, and his family have decided to reopen his Just Giving page in his memory.    

Cashmere Surplus Stockings for Charity

  • Outer: 100% wool (it's mostly cashmere but I don't know the exact fabric content of each piece of surplus)

    Inner: 100% cotton

    Approx 37cm tall, the foot is approx 30cm long, and the leg is approx 20cm wide.