• Jen Hogg

Make your own face masks

This week the Daily Record asked me if I could put together some face mask patterns - thanks guys!

I'm not commenting at all on whether people should wear cloth face masks. But if you do want to make your own, here are three ideas. You'll also find patterns online for sewn face masks, with pleats or shaped.

The Super-easy no sew mask

Seriously, this is as easy as getting a long strip of fabric and folding it into thirds. Use a couple of hair bobbles or elastic bands for the ear ties and you're done.

No sew mask no. 2

If you've got an old shirt or t-shirt to make masks with, here's a good way to use the sleeves.

Simple sewn mask

This one is an easy way to sew a mask. Rather than footering about with pleats, let the ear ties gather the mask in to form the shape.

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