The Jenerates Sewing Ruler


A square ruler is really useful when you're sewing, but I've never been able to find exactly what I was after - so I designed my own.  Then I thought if I find this handy, other people might like it too, and here we are.

You can choose from metric or imperial, and there's an option to go bespoke.  You can also add on gift wrapping if it's a present - scroll through the options below.


So, how is it unique?  The ruler starts at zero on the outside corner AND the inside corner.  This means you can work with it either on top of or below the edge of your fabric, whichever way best lets you see what you're doing.  There's a short video below showing some of the ways you can use the ruler. 


Cut outs make easy work of adding a seam or hem allowance to your pattern. ​  ​These  are big enough to use with a chalk pencil directly onto your fabric, and shaped so you can use them with an ordinary pen or pencil on your paper pattern.  Just trace along the line of your pattern with the marker at the top, and keep your pencil in the cut out. 

With the same principle you can use the inside corner to add either a deep facing or hem allowance


There are seam guides on all sides, at 1.5cm on the metric ruler and at 5/8" on the imperial

Technical info

10 x 10cm​

1cm, 1.5cm, 3cm​



Metric ruler

Overall dimensions

Cut outs

Hem allowance

Deep facing

Imperial ruler

Overall dimensions

Cut outs

Hem allowance

Deep facing

4" x 4"​

1/4"   1/2"   5/8"



The rulers are either metric or imperial.

Made in Scotland in 4mm cherry wood veneer, finished by hand (by me!) with natural wax.  Lots of feedback on Instagram highlights.

Jenerates Sewing Ruler

All designs registered in UK, rest of world pending